Soda blasting is an environmentally friendly non-abrasive way of removing paint, dirt, coatings, and other surface contaminants that will not cause damage to the surfaces being cleaned

The action of sodium bicarbonate will not cause heat, sparks, or abrasion to the surfaces

Cleaning Industrial Materials With Ease
Removal of corrosion and scale from industrial applications in a timely manner 
Difficulties can be location of the equipment, and the material the corrosion is affecting
Soda blasting can assist in reducing these challenges

Smoke and Fire Restoration Products 
Removing smoke, soot and char from buildings is a slow and expensive process
When scraping and scrubbing a seal is needed to help control the odor
Soda will blast your project clean to restore the original materials fast and efficiently

Graffiti Removal
The removal of graffiti is a difficult and costly operation using many conventional methods
Sodium bicarbonate provides a very valuable alternative to these methods
A non-abrasive media, it can be used to remove graffiti from painted surfaces without damage to the base 
On brick, sandstone, marble and other sensitive surfaces, it will remove the graffiti without leaving any tags


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