Envirotek has been providing sealing and coatings services since 1996

Experience in commercial and industrial:

• Corrosive fiber glassing and emergency repairs of gas, air, chemical leaks
• Sand, corn, soda, glass bead, walnut and aluminum oxide blasting
• Sealing and coatings applications including pipe insulation and removal
• Mill cleaning, high pressure washing and resurfacing services
• Dry ice blasting
• Commercial and restaurant exhaust hood and vent cleaning
• Commercial and industrial painting, fire restoration and clean up
• Air duct cleaning
  • Newly added Spray foam instalation
• All technicians are certified to perform work on commercial and industrial locations
• Man Lift Certified/  WHMIS/ Standard Safety Orientation (SSO)
• Gas Awareness / Confined Space / CPR / First Aid / Propane
• Respirator and Scott Air Pack / Fall Arrest/ Lock Out Procedures
• Asbestos Types 1,2 & 3 Removal and Repair

• Industrial Inductions and Certifications

• Distributor of Thermo Board  R  (fiber glass sheeting) and other rust inhibitors
• Manufacture of Enviropads R  Out rigger pads for all your crane applications
• Distributor of BEDFORD Reinforced Plastics: angles, channel, beams, round rod, etc

Envirotek Advantage

Fiberglass has been in use since 1956 for corrosion abatement

• Fiberglass has been in use since 1956 for corrosion abatement
• Light weight, flexible, durable with strengths comparable to steel
• Non – conductive, corrosion and chemical resistant, low maintenance
• Flexible capabilities allows for use in many industrial applications
• Piping, gas mains, water and other industrial liquid carrying installations
• Resistance to chemicals, extreme climates and corrosive material
• Construction applications for existing repairs or new coatings
• Steel decking, guard rail coating, hydro transmission towers
• Repair or replacement for steel, metal or wood covers and equipment tops
• Water cooling tower defective panel replacement with Thermo Board
• Can be applied on multiple surfaces and applications
• Prefabrication of required repairs to accommodate reduce down time windows

Glassing of new installations for extended use

No job too large, or small for Envirotek

Expansions joint repairs during active operation

Installation and sealing of replacement products

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